W e provide an update on our development progress to 10th of November 2020

Our lead developer Vinod Kumar now has the development team for LGCY Network in full swing. Under the stewardship of Vinod, founder and CEO of TSC Hybrid, the development team assembled represents a highly skilled & dedicated development team with extensive experience building with and working on the Tron network.

The team have already forked the libraries and studied the Tron BlockChain technology, identifying its primary drawbacks and shortcomings to refine the technology for optimisation within the LGCY Network ecosystem.

“This early stage is key for ensuring that the technology for LGCY supports the future developer community with a network that is optimised for speed, scaleability and security”

Vinod Kumar – Lead Developer LGCY Network

The team have also commenced writing of the Java Codes which will lay the foundation of LGCY BlockChain. This stage will be followed by the development of blockchain related tools essential to the future infra-structure that LGCY Network must support.

The New Governance model, The Libertas Protocol, is being pressure tested internally to ensure that as LGCY Network is launched the protocol achieves the primary objective of ensuring a community centred blockchain, that is truly decentralised. The goal of the Libertas Protocol is to eradicate the chances of single entity controlling the governance of the total network.

The Development team propose the issuance of only smart contract tokens on the new blockchain which will help to protect the network from scammers to a large extent. As base tokens are easy to create, the lack of any significant technical knowledge makes it easier for scammers to simply create tokens on the network with a primary motive of raising funds without actually delivering a product.

Overall, the development of LGCY Network remains well ahead of the planned schedule outlined within the whitepaper. The development team remain committed and confident of delivering LGCY Network to the community and look forward to providing fortnightly updates to keep our community up to speed on our progress.

Updated Roadmap

The original roadmap is being revised. The team is moving fast and milestones are being hit sooner than anticipated. We expect to share our revised roadmap this week.

As we have shared through our Twitter, we were able to give a sneak peak into the our explorer. Keep your eye out for future updates. The following development update we will provide you a more technical outlook and further sneak peeks of what we have been building.