Thank you to everyone who participated in our pre-sale! We were able to raise over $1.65 million for development.

Where are we on the roadmap?

The TscHybrid team has been hard at work under the leadership of Vinod Kumar, our lead developer!

As you can see, the team should still be in the research phase of development. But because of the dedication of Vinod and his team, we are already one month ahead of schedule! The team spent round the clock hours researching and strategizing what it would take to build out a clone of TRON for our initial fork, and have concluded that work within the first week.

So where does this place us? The next phase of development on the roadmap indicates that we have at least a month head of us to complete the initial fork of the existing TRON blockchain. But if you take a look at our GitHub you’ll see that work has already been completed as well.

Vinod and his team are well ahead of schedule, already working on Java TRON Compilation and bug rectification, as well as exploring the possibility of using it outside of TVM (TRON Virtual Machine).

Thank you to our community for all of your support! We will keep you updated as often as possible as developments continue to unfold.