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The Legacy

LGCY Network is a DPoS, open-source blockchain protocol with industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility. Running on the Libertas Protocol, LGCY Network aims to be the most decentralized dApp blockchain in the world.

White Paper

LGCY Network began as a fork of the TRON blockchain. The essential base and functions of TRON will remain for LGCY with the major differences lying in the system of governance and the focus on community.

LGCY Network will bring true decentralization with DPOS by implementing the Libertas Protocol to the Super Representatives (SRs) system of governance. By splitting up the 27 SRs into three branches, limiting the power of each, and introducing terms to the governance system, no single large token holder will be able to gain an unbalanced amount of power. Striving for true decentralization.

  • LGCY handles 10,000 Transactions per Second
  • $0.01 cost per Transaction on average

  • Highly Scalable and Readily Available

With the low throughput rates of Bitcoin and Ethereum due to their PoW consensus mechanism and scalability issues, LGCYs DPoS system offers an innovative mechanism resulting in 10000 TPS compared to Bitcoin’s 3 TPS and Ethereum’s 15 TPS.


With the LGCY.SUITE Toolset, developers are equipped to build on top of the network. This Legacy is build for the community and dApp developers.


LGCY.Box is a framework/environment for developers to test and deploy their smart contracts through the use of the LGCY.Web API.


LGCY.Studio is a comprehensive IDE with an embedded LGCY Virtual Machine (LVM). The internal full node creates a private local environment for the developer to test smart contracts before deployment. LGCY.Studio gives developers the choice to specify which environment to use for deploying the smart contracts. While similar to LGCY.Box, LGCY.Studio’s has the ability for developers to interact with their Solidity smart contracts within a user-friendly environment.


LGCY.Grid is similar to Infura on Ethereum. LGCY.Grid provides developers access to the LGCY Network.

Developers are able to build and release dapps and smart contracts by providing a load balanced and hosted API service on the cloud. This allows developers to save time from having to run their own node.


LGCY.Web connects developers to the blockchain, delivering a unified and seamless development experience. It was originally influenced by Ethereum’s Web3 but has a very different implementation process.

To use, LGCY.Web requires both a Full Node and a Solidity Node running on the HTTP API. You may also use LGCY.Web to send, purchase, and freeze/unfreeze LGCY and other tokens.

Building the Legacy

As we strive to build LGCY network our development team are already ahead of schedule by two months when compared to the roadmap laid out in our Whitepaper.


LGCY Blockchain.explorer
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dApp Pledge

The value of a dApp blockchain resides in the strength of its community. The major focus is aimed at supporting the projects that build on our chain, and directing a portion of our resources toward them. By reworking the system of governance to give voice to smaller projects and token holders, dApps will be incentivized to build on LGCY.

LGCY Network cares about its dApps community.
Without dApps and happy project leaders, LGCY would be worthless.

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Distribution of supply is set up so that the community will take over from the team that is building LGCY.

Total Supply

100 Billion. Tokens are released for the team to keep the voting power and control over the network. These tokens will be burned to turn project over to the community and developers


Unsold Tokens burned after presales. 7.3% of total supply.


Tokens burned in total throughout development in order to hand over project to the community. 33% of total supply.

Unsold Tokens burned after presales. 12.6% of total supply.
Tokens burned in total throughout development in order to hand over project to the community. 33% of total supply.
Tokens will be staked permanently to fuel sustainable ecosystem growth. providing the governing bodies with a perpetual fund supplying a revenue stream of USDL to support the future ecosystem development and project on-boarding forever. Another 33% burned of total supply.

Circulating Supply

The majority of the total supply is used to remain in control of the network. This is set up to ensure that no malicious actor can take over the network through the development phase. This portion, roughly 33% of the total supply, will be locked in a wallet and eventually burned in order to hand over the LGCY ownership from team to community.

Total circulating supply is split up in: Presale Tokens, Developer Funds and Team Tokens. Apart from that 5% has been reserved for providing exchange liquidity. A portion of that has already been used in providing liquidity on Uniswap. After the presale the team put op 700k of locked liquidity on Uniswap.



7.35 billion tokens sold in presale rounds. Unsold tokens were burned.

Developer Fund

3.3 billion tokens are available for dApp projects that will build on LGCY.


5 billion tokens are distributed monthly to the team in equal proportion over 12 months.


Current circulating supply. Total circulating supply will amount to approximately 60 billion LGCY. Tokens are distributed over the course of 2 years, mainly for the team to remain in voting control.

Current circulating supply. Total circulating supply will amount to approximately 21 billion LGCY. Tokens are distributed over the course of 2 years, mainly for the team to remain in voting control.

Power to the Community

Focus on product, not on people. We believe that for a blockchain to be truly decentralized, it must be led by the community. At the beginning of the venture, centralization is required to get off the ground. As the network grows, however, the community will begin to take over the leadership of LGCY network. It is not our intention to remain in voting control forever. We, in fact, have set a series of milestones in our roadmap in which we will slowly hand over the reins of government to the community. At that point. LGCY Network will be the most decentralized blockchain in existence, allowing the community which runs on the network to be in control.

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No Central Figurehead

LGCY focuses on the product, not on the people around it. No nonsense marketing, we are building efficiency.

Higher Speed and Lower Cost

No clogging through LGCY. Blockchain is built for efficiency. Faster transactions, lower costs.

Power to the Community by Decentralization

Leadership roadmap for transferring power to community.

USDL Stable Coin Payout for Staking & Voting

USDL is the gas to the LGCY network. Will be rewarded to the community and holders.

Experienced Development Team

Track our progress, we are open source. You can check out our updates on Github very soon. First we FORK.

Clear Tokenomics

Roughly 40% smaller supply than TRON, 6.4 billion already burned, 33 billion to be burned year three

Pre-Staking (coming soon)

Rewarding holders and the community. While we build, stake your LGCY and get rewards in USDL in return.

USDL is the gas token which will enable the LGCY network.

Pre-Staking (Closed)

We are partnering with Ferrum Network and all staking rewards will be calculated from September 8th.

We are offering 3 different options for our holders — a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month contract. Pre-stakers have the option to lock for any of these 3 periods for different payouts. Payout is pro rated. The longer you stake, the higher your rewards. Withdrawn staking rewards are added to the pool.

Staking Guide
GOLD – 56% APR ( 3 months)
PLATINUM – 56% APR (6 months)
DIAMOND – 56% APR ( 12 months)

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